Why Use a Temp Agency for High-Level Employees?

by wpengine on December 30, 2014 in Staffing, Workforce


When employers look to temporary agencies to help search for talent, they are commonly filling short-term assignments or roles that do not require an expanded skill set. However, it is often overlooked that temp agencies can also help fill temporary positions needed for higher-level and more specific roles. We spoke to our recruiters and compiled a list of what the most common advantages are of placing a high-level temporary worker.

If your Office Manager is planning a maternity leave, you might want to hire a temp specialist to fill that role with ease until your employee returns. Filling that role temporarily can help ease the tension of the Office Manager’s absence while keeping your business flow productive and efficient.

During a busy time of year when work is at a higher volume than usual, a temporary employee could be a great asset to an accounting, payroll, or back office team during the end of the fiscal year or during a time where hires are at the higher rate than usual.

A temp agency might just be the answer if your company is implementing a new program, beginning a new project, or even restructuring. Having a project manager to oversee the organization of the program or the business could greatly benefit your company and ensure that the plan is executed properly.

Temporary staffing companies can help you find the right people for the positions you need filled. At Placers, we locate viable candidates for a myriad of positions with various skills and experience. If your company is looking to implement temporary workforce plan, we can help. Drop us a line at

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