What is payrolling?

by wpengine on January 2, 2014 in Staffing, Workforce


The Outside-In® companies get a lot of interesting questions and business challenges from its base of customers. Our Placers business often gets customers that identified talent to do a project or fill in for a role for a set period of time. The business reasons are many, a retiree coming back to fill in as a consultant for a period of time, a merger event takes place and the customer needs to create a transition strategy for an impacted workforce, or even that the organization is stressed or maxed out to the limit internally.

The challenge is that you need and want for that talent to be there on Monday, ready to work. Unfortunately, Payroll and HR are simply not built for speed or agility, and there is no time to figure out all of the paperwork and compliance stuff.

Enter Placers. Everyday Placers helps a customer on-board as little as one payroll employee to as many as 300-500 employees. Why not do it yourself? Try these on for size.

  1. We do this everyday. Our processes to get an applicant setup as the employer of record motor on everyday. We can simply do it faster.
  2. You need someone else to handle taxes, insurances, and other employer obligations.
  3. The resource or talent is solo; But do not have the business insurances and corporate risk policies setup to satisfy your HR and Legal teams… this is not uncommon. Not many consultants have the business insurance in place to work with small business, let alone Fortune 500 companies.
  4. You need blank sheet of paper thinking. If you need one payrolled person, you need an accurate invoice. But, if you need 500 people payrolled you need a workforce solution, a plan for communication, automated time cards and approval processes, and darn good reporting. Try and do this on your own!

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