Try Before You Buy, Temporary to Hire Demystified

by placers on September 5, 2013 in Staffing


So, as a business leader or hiring manager, how do you fill the open positions on your team? Do you post openings, create requisitions and wait for your HR team to provide you with qualified candidates? With the average job being open for 23 business days, every day the position is open really counts! Today’s hiring processes for employees and temps is really beginning to be similar. As an extension of your Human Resources team, staffing services can help out when corporate recruiters are overextended.

One way organizations have varied their talent pool and expedited the time spent in the hiring process is to work with a staffing agency to hire by way of a temporary to hire service. Simply stated, the staffing company sources and qualifies candidates from their database and the marketplace. These temporaries most likely interview with you once you approve their resume. And frankly the hiring process may mirror your company’s – with references, testing of skills, and background checks.

Temp Staffing Trial Period CalendarThe big difference, however? The temporary selected will stay on the staffing firms payroll for an agreed to period of time or work hours. The number of hours will vary with the industry, skill sets of the talent, and your contract but you can expect that most agreements are from 400-800 hours before the temp would convert to your payroll.

The real benefit of temporary to hire is that both parties (the employer and the temporary worker) get a chance to work closely together before a full commitment is required. Jobs change. Needs change. This trial period is critical to see if there is a real match for all! It’s like courting and dating for awhile before you decide to go all into a marriage!

A well run temporary to hire program can:

  • Expedite time to hire
  • Help out your in-house HR team
  • Generate candidates you did not have access too
  • Allow the worker a chance to gauge fit before they say, “Yes!”
  • And, as I’ve been saying all along – it gives you an opportunity to gauge fit before you hire

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