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by placers on June 27, 2018 in Workforce


At the end of a job interview, the interviewee will be given a chance to ask questions. There are a few reasons the hiring manager will do this and it can be considered part of the interview. In addition to helping the hiring manager, it can also help the candidate determine if this is the right fit for them before proceeding with additional interviews and getting further along in the process.

Make Sure to Do Your Research

There are certain questions you probably have, but you need to see if you can find them on your own before asking the hiring manager. If you ask a question that can easily be found with a quick Google search, the interviewer will assume you haven’t fully prepared for your question. You shouldn’t only research the company, but also the department and position you are interviewing for. You should also do some research about the industry in general.

What Types of Questions to Ask?

You should come prepared with at least two questions to ask. Avoid yes or no questions and questions that are so broad that they can be difficult to answer. Your goal isn’t to stump the interviewer and you want to make a good impression. Keep questions focused and open-ended.

Questions about day-to-day responsibilities, important qualities for the role and the company culture are all good starting points. These types of questions will help you determine if you think the role is a good fit for you and if you would enjoy working at this company. Questions about expectations of the role and where the company is headed can also help you determine if you have a future at the company, should you get the position and choose to accept it. You can also ask about opportunities and different career paths for someone in the role. This will also show you if you have a future at this company and if it’s the right fit.

The interview process is not the time to ask about salary or benefits. These questions should wait until you are in negotiations with the job offer, or after the first round of interviews.

Don’t just ask questions you think the interviewer wants to hear. Ask questions that you also want the answers to, so you can make an informed decision about the job.

Remember that some of your questions may have been answered during the interview process. This is why it is good to come prepared with multiple questions so you aren’t stuck at the end with questions that have already been answered. One of the questions you can ask to end the interview is about the next steps, so you will be prepared for what is needed and can leave the interview on a strong note.

Reasons Why Questions Are Important

Questions show that you are interested in the job. If you are taking the time to develop questions then you have spent time thinking about the interview and preparing for it. Questions show that you have researched the company, as long as they are good questions that are not easy to find on the website. Great questions can also help show the interviewer how intelligent you are. Hiring managers want people who can think independently, and if you ask some great questions, it can show your drive to the person conducting the interview.

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