Placers Presents: How Writing on LinkedIn Can Get You Noticed

by placers on June 6, 2018 in Workforce


Today there are over half a billion LinkedIn users around the world, and the platform is one of the best ways to get you noticed. You can help promote your personal brand by posting updates and articles regularly.

Writing quality articles on LinkedIn will help you stand out; it will help you differentiate your personal brand from others. Posting these articles can also help make you an expert on specific topics in your contacts’ minds. They’ll know who to come to when they have questions about a topic, or when they need the skills or services you provide.

An Overlooked Platform

LinkedIn is one platform that many writers overlook. While LinkedIn was once just a place for professionals to connect, or a place for job seekers to look for new opportunities, the site has gone through a transformation. Now there are content creators who primarily focus on the platform and video channels who publish directly to the site. LinkedIn is a digital marketing platform all its own now. It offers great content, a feature you can use to help yourself.

Posts from everyday people garner thousands of views and often get shared widely. It’s a wonderful way to share, and craft, your voice.

When you publish on LinkedIn, it can help you establish yourself as a professional. Your network will see your posts, see what opinions or advice you have to offer, and begin to associate you with that topic. Additionally, publishing on LinkedIn will help you fill out your profile. Prospective employers will see you’re active on the site, see your posts, and be more willing to reach out to you since there is a much better chance of engagement.

Get Noticed

When you write your LinkedIn articles, remember you are representing your brand. You want to write professionally and make sure you’re sharing content you want to be associated with. It’s perfectly acceptable to share opinions, but make sure those are opinions you would find acceptable to share in the workplace. Anything you create will be associated with your brand.

Additionally, feel free to write pieces which are industry specific. Share your knowledge and expertise and get noticed. Soon you’ll find your contacts are reaching out to you for help, or with new career opportunities that match your skills and interests.

Free Advertising

Every time you post, all of your contacts are notified. This is like free advertising. It’s the perfect way to share your knowledge and get your name out there. If you add a call to action on every piece, for example, a link to your personal website and an invitation to contact you for your services, it provides them with a way to get to know you even better, and a way for you to capitalize on this free service LinkedIn provides.

Your content is shareable, too. If your connections find the content valuable, they can share it, thereby increasing the scope of your posts allowing you reach even more people.

Every time you write a post, make sure you share it as a status update, too. This will drive additional traffic to your article. You can also reshare your articles later, recycling your content.

When you think about what to write, make sure it’s creative and current, and make sure you are regularly posting. Soon, your connections will start to look for your content and your brand will become known. Writing on LinkedIn can get you noticed!

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