Whether you need to pay a handful of workers, a few hundred, or thousands, we provide payrolling (Employer of Record) services that are customized to your workforce needs. Payrolling is distinguished from Professional Employer Organization (PEO) arrangements in that the employees generally are on temporary assignments and make up a smaller proportion of your company’s workforce.

Placers Payrolling services are available for for part-time, full-time and non-traditional employees, including contract workers, freelancers, interns, retirees and staff for special projects. We will help you sort through the unique challenges you face and create a simple Blank Sheet of Paper solution to save you time, money, and mitigate risk.

A Payrolling Solution may include any or all of the following:

  • W-2 Employer of Record
  • Dedicated Account Manager: a centralized service team, with a single point of contact
  • Proven Workflow, Processes, and Procedures: outline the roles and responsibilities in approving time worked, invoices, and reporting with clear compliance standards
  • Rapid engagement and quick implementation on large payrolls
  • Strategies for managing benefits and costs
  • Workforce management and strategies
  • Hiring, on-boarding activities, payment of wages and off-boarding
  • Administration of IC benefits
  • Online time and expense capture
  • Consolidated billing
  • Pre-employment screening
  • On-demand operational and financial reporting
  • Competitive, flexible pricing

Your Account Manager will ensure you experience Service to the Nth Degree – that we take care of the administration and liabilities and you are able to focus on your core business with Peace of Mind.

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