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This page showcases the typical profiles of Information Technology professionals that the Placers IT team specializes in placing. We have a strong network of IT professionals that fit these profiles. If you are interested in a profile you see here let us know today!

Select from the roles listed below to see the typical job profiles of candidates we place:

  • +Project Managers (PMs) and Business Analysts (BAs)
    Software Development Life Cycle: We have experienced Project Managers (PMs) and Business Analysts (BAs) who have full experience working with all stages of SDLC, from planning through implementation and testing. Our PMs and BAs come from diverse backgrounds. Some of them have experience working with very large organizations, and have very specific specializations (such as a Salesforce PM), while other Consultants have experience in smaller organizations and thus have the ability to wear multiple hats. We are networked with PMs and BAs from a variety of different software platforms and methodologies.

    Infrastructure: In addition to having PMs and BAs who focus on the software side of things, we also have a strong network of these Consultants who focus on the infrastructure side. Whether you are looking for an experienced Project Manager to come in and lead the implementation of a new product or upgrade, or if you are looking for a Business Analyst to jump in and act as the liaison between the tech team and your core staff for everyday needs, we will identify the right contractor for your needs.
  • +Salesforce Consultants
    Salesforce.com Consultants are among our specialities. We are networked with Salesforce Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, Architects, and more! Looking for a Project Manager to lead Salesforce projects? We’ve got them! Looking for a Developer? Perhaps a Developer with Force.com platform experience and a focus on Java and Apex? We definitely have those!
  • +SAP Consultants
    Do you use SAP for your enterprise software? If so, you should be partnered with Placers IT Staffing! Our network is huge. We work with Developers, BAs, Architects, Dashboard Consultants, and much, much more. It doesn’t matter what you are using on the back-end. We support BW and we support relational databases. Working with a lot of different modules? We have Application Integration Support Specialists specializing in PP, MM, QM, PM, and more. We have ABAP Consultants, and if you have ventured into the world of Big Data, we have HANA Consultants too!
  • +Developers & Database Administrators (DBAs)
    Are you looking for a Software Developer, or a group of Software Developers to join your team? Look no further than Placers IT Staffing for help! We work with Developers on the back-end, middle-tier, and front-end. We work with Consultants whose focus is in .NET framework, and with Consultants whose focus is in open source (such as Java or RoR). Need a Developer focused in web-based programming? Or perhaps, a Developer focused on internal desktop applications? We are networked with them all. We also have a strong pipeline of DBAs and Database Developers for both SQL Server and Oracle databases. Need a Sharepoint Developer? Yep, we’ve got those too.
  • +Network and System Consultants
    Whether you are looking for a System Admin to maintain your Citrix and manage your Active Directory Accounts or a Network Engineer to build your Cisco Infrastructure from the ground up, we have a great network of System Administrators and Engineers. We also have Field Techs within our pipeline of candidates.
  • + Mail Server Engineers and Consultants
    Are you migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange? Are you upgrading to a new version of Exchange? Look no further than Placers IT Staffing to support your staffing for migrations or upgrades to Lotus Notes and Exchange. We have a large network of Engineers and Migration Consultants available.
  • +Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM Consultants
    Just switched to Teradata big data platform and need a Technical Consultant to assist with a new project? Need a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant or an Oracle Cloud Consultant? Yes, you’ve guessed it… we are networked with them all! Please consider Placers IT Staffing for your BI and CRM needs.
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