Our Legacy

Placers holds a rich history in Delaware and the surrounding area. When our employees mention that they work for Placers they usually receive a warm reaction of familiarity to the brand and a “Oh yes. I know Placers well!” or “Hey! I got a job through Placers once!” This is the legacy we are proud to carry today.

Alan Burkhard founded The Placers in 1971. At the age of 26, Alan realized that he had the same entrepreneurial DNA as his father and grandfather, and knew he did not want to work for anyone else. After identifying a gap in the market, he founded The Placers and ran the staffing company on the principle of providing superior customer service – both internally and externally. This simple principle would grow into the company culture known as Outside-In® and practiced at Placers today.

Placers led the staffing industry for 26 years. The entrepreneurial organization grew to operate out of 20 plus office locations and multiple on-site offices managing thousands of temps and contractors. The company staffed organizations across a variety of industries including banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, IT, and office services.

Alan’s son Chris Burkhard became a fourth generation entrepreneur taking what he learned from working under his father’s leadership to start his own recruiting company. He too identified a gap in the market, and opened CBI Group in 2001. Ten years later, in response to customer’s need for flexible staffing services, Chris relaunched Placers. In 2013, Placers and CBI Group joined together as Outside-In® Companies.

We are proud of our company history and strive to continue the tradition of providing Outside-In® service to our temps, contractors, coworkers, and clients!