Our Culture

Outside-In® is customer centric.

Outside-In® is a business philosophy, a culture, mindset, structure, planning process, value system, service mentality and the day-to-day operating roadmap for Placers.

Our culture is the string that ties together our partnership with CBI Group. Our Outside-In® principles create a better experience for our customers and everyone we work with, setting a new and higher standard for staffing services in the human resources industry. We believe that being culturally led gives our companies higher financial performance, higher client retention rates, greater employee morale and creativity, and lower employee turnover rates than those that take their identity from other organizational influences.

Everything we do at Placers is centered on the best interests of your company. Outside-In® is embedded in our unique culture and way of doing business; it enables us to be nimble, market driven, results based and change makers in our industry.


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