How to Choose Between Two Strong Job Offers

How to Choose Between Two Strong Job Offers

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Many individuals find it hard to find one stable and dependable job, but sometimes the universe throws a curve ball and presents you with with two strong offers for employment. So given this strange predicament, it puts an individual into a position where they need to weigh options and figure out which job would work the best for their career. Thankfully, we can provide the questions you’ll need to ask yourself to reach a conclusion and pick the job that’s best for you.

  1. Assess Your Data – For this process, you’ll need two pieces of paper. Write down the positives of one job on a single sheet, then do the same with the other job. Once you finish writing the positives, write down the negatives. After you tally this information, your answer should be abundantly clear regarding your future employer.
  2. Gather Information – Try and find out as much information as possible regarding the employers. Read reviews from former employees and ask how current employees feel about their job. If you’re being interviewed for both jobs, come up with questions that address your confusion regarding your possible employment. Even if they can’t answer your questions, their response should help you understand which job deserves your time and attention.
  3. Trust Your Gut – If you happen to have some unexplainable feeling in regards to one of your job offers, it might be for a good reason. Although you can rationalize yourself into thinking that you should like a job, it’s likely that you’ll discover that the job wasn’t right for you.

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