What does an administrative temp do?

What does an administrative temp do?

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Administrative temp openings are towards the top of the list of placement requests for staffing agencies. But just because a lot of companies need administrative assistants, doesn’t mean all administrative openings are the same — we actually see quite a bit of diversity in administrative roles.

For one, there are many different titles that are used: Office Admins/Clerks, Legal Administrators/Secretaries, Executive Assistants and Receptionists. In general, all of these positions represent a role that requires routine clerical and organizational tasks. Tasks may include answering phones, organizing files, scheduling appointments and drafting messages. In addition to these common tasks, companies may need help with specialized routine tasks, which may require additional training and knowledge to complete.

What other things might an administrative temp do? 

  • Create spreadsheets and documents
  • Produce presentations, reports and documents
  • Coordinate with vendors
  • Buy office supplies
  • Manage stockrooms
  • Market Research
  • Data Entry
  • Take Notes
  • Manage databases
  • Answer/Distribute mail and email
  • Proofread
  • Operate phones, fax machines, and other office equipment
  • Complete forms

Specific job duties vary based on the organization, industry and the temp’s experience, job title, and specialty.

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