How to Answer the Inevitable “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

How to Answer the Inevitable “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

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Next to answering “What is your greatest weakness?” the prompt to deliver your personal elevator pitch is one of the most agonized aspects of an interview. This is typically the first thing you have to speak about in detail during an interview, and it would be surprising if it wasn’t asked.

We asked the Placers team what they look for candidates to say when they deliver background & bio and here’s what they had to say:

“I look for depth.” Our Executive Recruiter stated that she looks for them to elaborate on the qualities they a candidate has that illustrates their potential to succeed within the role they are interviewing for.

“The candidate needs to show that they are driven and motivated.” Our Staffing Support Specialist said that he looks for candidates to be passionate and aligned with the company professionally and culturally.

“I use this question to gauge if they are a cultural fit for the company.” Our Recruitment Consultant said that this question gives you the ability to illustrate what kind of person you are. Whether you’re a team player or results driven, this is your chance to show the interviewer that you understand the company and the role.

“It’s all about confidence.” This question is used to view how candidates perceive themselves  and how they view their accomplishments. One of our recruiters said that she looks for the candidate’s ability to listen while answering this question and not just ramble on about their personal life. Remember to keep it short and sweet!

Prior to your interview, spend some time practicing your elevator pitch. Focus on your strengths and that you could bring to the table regarding that specific role. Preparation is essential in building confidence and quelling nerves. Follow these simple steps to set yourself up for success!

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