Stress Less in The Workplace

Stress Less in The Workplace

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Stress is a common occurrence in any workplace regardless of occupation, salary, or environment. If handled poorly (or not handled at all) stress can negatively impact both the employee and the business. Signs of stress include an array of problems such as: headache, apathy, anxiety, fatigue, stomach problems, lack of concentration, and trouble sleeping. According to BetterWorks, 71% of Americans say that their workplace is one of the leading sources of stress, and 10% of those people admit that it hinders their productivity and engagement.

For Employees:
Although small amounts of stress can be positive in driving results in your workplace, it can become a problem when it starts affecting your work. Planning your day ahead of time tees you up for ensuring focus and success. Small investments like taking small breaks, balancing your schedule, and stretching at your desk can help increase your performance and help you feel significantly less stressed.

For Employers: High levels of stress in your work environment can lead to decreased employee morale, more sick days, and poor performance. Consider implementing a stress management program or events such as a company outing, team lunch, or an ice breaker question themed morning meeting. At Placers, we have team potlucks to give us a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. These kind of programs boost morale, generate productivity, and create a more positive work environment.

Are you an employer or an employee that has a great tip for managing stress? Let us know in the comments!

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