Video: What is the difference between staffing & recruiting?

Video: What is the difference between staffing & recruiting?

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You asked, we answered!

“What is the difference between staffing & recruiting?”

President, Chris Burkhard describes the difference in this Q&A video:

We love it when we get questions through social media, and we were recently asked about the differences between staffing and recruiting.

Staffing is something short-term, it’s where organizations need resources. Whether its for a temporary employee to come in to do a project or for a specific period of time. With staffing, there is typically an end date for the job assignment.

Recruiting on the other hand, never stops. It’s continuously flowing. Recruiting is a series of processes that involve making sure a company is branding its employment experience really, really well. And its where you’re looking for talent for your company all the time. You may be attracting talent for specific jobs within your organization, or building up a “bench” of talent for future hires.

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