Video: Sourcing for Hard to Fill Positions

Video: Sourcing for Hard to Fill Positions

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You asked, we answered!

“How do you find candidates for hard to fill positions?”

Sourcing Specialist, Ann Terranova shares her thoughts on sourcing for those hard to fill positions in this Q&A video:

Since I’ve been a Sourcing Specialist there have been a couple of jobs in the financial services industry that have been a little bit hard to fill and it’s been difficult to source to find the right candidate.

When you’re sourcing, we generally decide on a sourcing strategy first. We select the best sourcing channels to use and determine out how we will source to find the best candidates. Sourcing = Research – we are navigating through a web of people and use our network of contacts to find the person that will be the best fit for the particular job.

For hard to fill positions, I will turn to the recruiter who can give us a good feel for the company and the job that we are trying to fill. Sometimes the job descriptions really aren’t written very well so we want to make sure we understand the qualifications that are needed so that we find the right people.

When I get stuck, I usually turn to my sourcing team to help get some new ideas. They are really good with helping me figure out new sourcing channels, creating new Boolean strings, and also brainstorming new ways that I can modify my searches. I am the newest member, so they generally have really good ideas and definitely help me out when I need to figure out a new way to source.

All of these things ultimately help us find that perfect candidate that is the right fit for hard to fill positions.

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