Video: Advantages of Contract to Hire Staffing

Video: Advantages of Contract to Hire Staffing

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What is the advantage of contract to hire?

Our Search & Staffing Leader, Glenn Koetz shares his thoughts about the advantages of contract to hire in this Q&A video:

“Contract to hire staffing has advantages for both clients and candidates.

First off, its about timing. Our clients typically have immediate needs and our candidates who are in transition have availability to start work right away. When there’s a match in timing, companies can bring in talented professionals who will make an immediate impact on their organization.

Beyond that, both sides get to have an extended interview. Hiring managers are able to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills, as well as see how well they work with the team. They are able to see the person in action to decide if they are a long term fit.

For candidates, they get to sit right in the chair and do the job, to see how much they like it and if they like the people they will be working with. They can decide if the company’s culture fits them and if they will they have a chance to reach their long term personal and professional goals. In other words, candidates have the opportunity to go to work while in transition and decide if they want to continue doing the job or not.

In short, contract to hire is a chance for both sides to see how much of a fit it will be long term.”

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